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PHASE ONE 65 Mechanical Keyboard (65%)

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Description: 1 of 1, Limited Edition Mechanical Keyboard Custom Built by KB KEEBS.

Phase One 65 - Designed by Openkey Design
  • E-White Colorway
  • FR4 Plate
  • Hot swap PCB
  • Lubed Durock Stabilizers
Switches: Glorious Pandas
  • Lubed with Krytox 205g0
  • Filmed with Deskeys gasket switch films
Keycaps: Less But Better
Designed by Openkey Design
  • Includes numpad, color dots, novelties, base, and extra kit
inspiration of design:
"Phase one 65" is the idea born from the keycap set "Less, but better".
The Inspiration for this keyboard is from the well-known "Phase 1" alarm clock, which was designed by German industrial designer Dieter Rams.
The visual element of the exterior on this keyboard continued with the "Phase 1" alarm clock. We hope it could represent the design language well of humbleness and self-restriction from Dieter Rams. That is the reason we continue to use the name "Phase One 65".

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